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Elevate your business value, drive sales, and stand out with impactful design


Discover all-encompassing interior design services—from concept to material choice, and detailed drawings for tender.
Your vision, our know-how.



1. Hello / Bonjour / Hallo 

Email us about your project 

2. Telephone

We will call you to have a brief discussion on the phone regarding your project

3. Quote

We will provide you with our design fee proposal 

4. First meeting

Nice to meet you  :) 

We will discuss your needs, your budget, construction timeframe and hear your ideas !

5. Design Concept

At this stage we will provide initial floor plan, mood boards with options

6. Client feedback & approval 

Before proceeding any further we will seek your approval on the design concept we have provided so far

7. Final Design

We will update our design based on your feedback and proceed to wrap up the project and issue final design approval

8. Others

Depending on your project you might need other approvals such as : Council, PCA , Shopping centre. Not to worry we can help you with all of these !

* This is an indicative design process. Each project is unique therefore process may varies, please use this as reference only.

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