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Skylight Mobile 

Our mobile kiosk project stands out as a favorite, primarily due to its innovative design concept. Inspired by the kiosk's mobility, we incorporated a unique feature - the entire structure is mounted on wheels, allowing it to be easily moved to different locations.

The design aesthetic revolves around a modern and sleek look, achieved through the use of a timber and black color scheme. This combination not only provides a contemporary feel but also ensures durability and longevity, essential for a mobile unit.

The kiosk's purpose is to sell mobile phone accessories and other technology items. To cater to this specific retail need, we included clever storage solutions and display areas, maximizing the use of space while maintaining an uncluttered and inviting environment for customers.

Overall, this project perfectly embodies our design philosophy of combining functionality with aesthetics. The mobile kiosk not only serves its practical purpose but also stands out as a visually appealing and innovative design solution

Skylight mobile_Casula_004.jpg
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